Lyft – June


What makes this a good ad? Let’s break it down:

It tells a story, beautifully at that
Everybody likes a story. We crave beginning, middle, end and problem/solution set-ups. It’s just how our brains organized information. It doesn’t hurt that this ad was directed by John Kahrs (Hello Academy) and is visually stunning.

No dialogue
You’d think dialogue is essential in advertising but it’s not. This ad proves that. You get struck with the visuals and you stay for the story told with no words at all. It’s showing rather than telling which is the most powerful way to communicate something. Think back to college essays – you didn’t get into your four year university because you said you were a hard working kid involved in the community, you showed that.

It drives at human truth.
We all crave community. When you’re riding with Lyft, it’s more than just catching a ride, it’s a chance to meet someone new. Whether it’s your next business partner, a new friend, or your next meet-cute, there’s a chance for a lasting or impactful connection to be made because there is no ugly plexiglass divider between you and your driver. Notice how you always thank your Lyft driver but not your run of the mill yellow cabbie?

It differentiates Lyft from Uber
Uber will always be the first mover in this market. Lyft will always have to combat that. However, when Uber hit the market, one of its key features was that you never had to figure out the tip or even talk to your driver to pay them. It dehumanized the rider experience. Lyft brings it back and makes it clear through its quirky advertising that that door is always open for those who want it.


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